Roots of Fame - Signature Plants

A selection of favourites from our Kokedama collection. 


White and pink heather shrub Kokedama. Hardy and pretty, happy indoors or out. 

Image of two heather kokedama, one pink and one white.


Spathiphyllum - one of our most popular Kokedama, this Peace Lily is forgiving and easy to care for. 

Kim (Vive La France)

Flowering French Lavender, appearing in late Spring and early Summer.  This sweet scented Kokedama is a little more fragile than its English friend.  Place in a sunny spot and avoid over-watering.

Kim (Rule Britannia)

Classic English Lavender evergreen shrub, beautifully scented Kokedama.  Tolerant to drought and thrives in the sunshine.



Anthurium, our Lace Leaf kokedama.  An evergreen with thick green and vibrant pink leaves, she is an asset for any room.  Balance her care of humidity and watering with a nice spot out of direct sunlight, avoiding draughts and dry heating air.


Culinary kitchen kokedama, our herb string garden with a difference.  Fragrant and woody perennial herbs like Rosemary combined with ornamental sage makes this a must for Sunday Roast lovers or as a handy fresh kitchen herbs.


The Tradescantia, a wandering wildflower houseplant.  With distinctive zebra patterned tricolour leaves and creeping stems, this trailing evergreen perennial Kokedama brings life to any room.


Hedera Helix, botanically speaking - classic English Ivy.  A superb climber or creeper, this characterful kokedama enjoys moisture but is tolerant to dry conditions once settled.  Lush, lively and low maintenance. 



Our handsome hybrid Spring Cactus. With a bold stacked appearance and vibrant seasonal bloom, this plant is a unique addition to any room. This cacti needs more water than the traditional prickly cactus. Kieron likes a half-shade humid spot with continuous moist soil, be sure to spray and water regularly. 




The African Violet Kokedama enjoys high humidity in bright, indirect sunlight.  Keep moist and avoid soaking the soil.  This mossball will benefit from living inside a shallow bowl or saucer of water allowing the plant to soak up from below.




Commonly grown in warmer climates with South Asian origins, a popular houseplant - our classic Rubber Fig Kokedama. Broad, glossy, distinctive oval shaped leaves, a strong choice. Steve prefers sunlight but not hot temperatures. Ensure the moss ball is kept moist and treat the leaves to a regular spritz of water. 


This pretty pint size indoor miniature Rosebush Kokedama is the perfect gift.  Let the sunshine in or move outdoors if there is no danger of frost.  Flowering roses are thirsty blooms and will require lots of watering to prevent the delicate petals and moss ball from drying out.


Phalanopsis (the Moth Orchid - also know as Phal).  Colourful, long lasting and easy to grow.  She likes a nice bright spot. 





Part of our Ficus Elastica Kokedama plants, a firm favourite with striking glossy thick rich leaves.  A fan of bright light Jonty enjoys a sunny spot shielded by a sheer curtain, leaves lacking in luster or shedding in lower plant indicates a need for more light.  Avoid over soaking.