Japanese inspired moss ball string gardens

"Kokedama" in English means "moss ball" and is the practice of wrapping the plants root system in a mud ball blended from a combination of moisture retaining soils, wrapped in sphagnum moss and bounded with string to craft into a living planter that is a distinctive sculptural art piece. They make perfect homes for plants, flowers and creepers. 


Our kokedama are beautiful as stand-alone pieces, huddled together in unison, suspended from string or nested happily into a ceramic or glass container.


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Our Story 


Living in London, as wonderful as the city is, means we have learned to be creative in the limited space that comes with urban living. Spacious window sills, small gardens, tiny terraces and petite patios or balconies have been a luxury over the years. Low maintenance leafy additions have helped transform our own environments into positive spaces.  Little leafy friends make people happy!  Let us bring life and colour to your homes or events through our beautiful Kokedama. We hope you enjoy our blooming moss balls of botanical joy. 


Claire & Sian

Owners and Creators

All Strung Up Botanics